General Elementary English Test 203

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Being a young scientist, Joshua is really excited to be going on his first ________ to the North Pole where he will be doing do some research work on walruses.


2. My idea of a perfect honey moon is to go on a world ________ and visit many interesting places. As you can see, I have already marked some of those places on the map.


3. This holiday company arranges lots of ________ for groups of people to go into the mountains and picnic by the river.


4. One of my daughter’s favourite movies is ‘The ________ of Sinbad the Sailor’, which tells of the exciting experiences of Sinbad at sea.


5. Roger entered the Guinness book of world records following his ________ across the Pacific having spent more than three months all alone in an open boat.


6. My ________ to work takes about fifty minutes by car.


7. If you are planning a holiday in Amsterdam, you’d better go by plane because otherwise it is a three day ________ by bus from Bulgaria to Holland.


8. Julia chose to spend her holiday in Africa. Her package tour includes walking in the jungle, sailing down the Nile, as well as going on a sightseeing ________ to observe lions, tigers and various types of wildlife.


9. An archeological ________ was organized to investigate the remains of the ancient settlement, which had recently been found near the capital.


10. The Smiths decided to go to Scotland for a short ________ . They have already booked return bus tickets.


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