General Elementary English Test 2

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. I’ve just received his latest detective novel from the publisher so it’s what you might call hot ________ the press.


2. He’s always very uneasy like a cat on hot ________ whenever he is waiting to hear the results of the examinations.


3. They like to think they’re very important people but politicians just talk a lot of hot ________ most of the time.


4. As soon as the president was taken ill, the deputy had to take charge and is currently in the hot ________ now.


5. You can never tell exactly what she is thinking because she very often ________ hot and cold over some topics.


6. Since the argument we’ve had about the garden hedge, our neighbours take no notice of us and give us the cold ________ when they see us.


7. I ordered a coffee from the waiter but by the time it had reached me it was ________ cold.


8. Although I’d made up my mind to do it last night now I’m not sure and am getting cold ________ about it.


9. The accused was sentenced to life imprisonment after it had been established that he had committed the murder in cold ________ .


10. The police have set up a special hot ________ so that people can get in touch to find out about the accident.


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