General Elementary English Test 197

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Yes, it’s the best car ________ I’ve ever had. Why do you ask?


2. That’s another way of saying it. I’m talking about the car ________ parked over there.


3. Oh no! It’s a traffic warden putting a parking ticket on my car and I haven’t any money to pay the fine ________ I’ll have to pay.


4. The car to ________ you are referring happens to be mine!


5. Well, I think you ought to speak to that man ________ standing with a notebook in front of the car.


6. That’s interesting. We are talking about the car ________ has a red roof.


7. Excuse me but shouldn’t you say to ________ does that car belong?


8. Well, I should say someone for ________ money is no object.


9. ________ does that car belong to?


10. ________ do you think would have a car like that?


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