General Elementary English Test 184

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Your ________ concern is naturally the plan but don’t forget your capital or your premises.


2. Since the start of the business many new ideas have ________ out of the original plan.


3. Even when the economic situation is ________ there is always present the need for planning in a new business.


4. Her next task was to have a meeting with the bank manager to ________ that she had a secure enough plan to warrant a loan.


5. There are certain weaknesses in your plan that need to be ________ urgently if you are to succeed.


6. The biggest ________ in business can be eliminated if you have sufficient capital to start with.


7. When people are considering whether to loan your new business a substantial sum, they are going to ________ your potential.


8. It is worthwhile ________ as much market research information as possible before you work out your plan.


9. It is essential before starting a business to work on a plan to ________ problems later on.


10. Whatever happens in the future there is absolutely no ________ for good market research before you launch a new product.


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