General Elementary English Test 181

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Teacher: So what do you know ________ prepositions?


2. Student: If I had to choose one, I would ________ in.


3. Student: Oh, no two is ________ thank you very much!


4. Teacher: Ah, you see in means you are there inside ________ into means you enter as: You go into the room.


5. Teacher: Very good. Which do you find the ________ difficult?


6. Student: Another problem is I don’t understand ________ there are two words sounding the same T and one O and T double O.


7. Teacher: Good question. T and one O is the preposition and T and double O often means extra as in: This exercise is too difficult. And don’t forget the third word also sounding the same the ________ two.


8. Student: Well I know that they usually come ________ a noun.


9. Student: I see. But what’s the difference ________ in and into?


10. Teacher: The thing to ________ is that in usually means inside a place or a position.


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