General Elementary English Test 176

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1. Welcome back ________ in this session we’re going to take a look at some of the vocabulary we used in session 2.


2. You arrange an appointment with another person because you want to ________ or see them.


3. So, when you say: I’ve got a date with my boss, it means you ________ see your boss privately.


4. The two things that are important for an appointment are the time and the place. You say for example: Let’s meet next Monday ________ 10 o’clock.


5. To start with, can you ________ what session 2 was all about?


6. Possibly you also know the expression ‘blind date’, which is a rendezvous with a person you have never seen before and you are meeting them ________ the first time.


7. In other words I help people with ________ their money.


8. Yes, that’s right. It was all about the job I do every day. I expect you recall that I work for a financial company ________ a financial advisor.


9. Another word that is very similar in meaning to appointment is the word date. A date is usually a private meeting with ________ person.


10. My clients contact our office via email or phone and then we ________ an appointment.


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