General Elementary English Test 160

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Alice: Yes, you’re ________ right. I’ve seen him on tv loads of times.


2. Mary: The trouble is I always ________ his name.


3. Alice: I think the play is just on the ________ of starting.


4. Mary: I’ve got it. ________ it’s Dobson. Yes, that’s it Michael Dobson.


5. Mary: Yes, Michael Dobson he was in that new ________ as the detective.


6. Alice: I think his first name is Michael but I can’t remember the ________ .


7. Mary: I do hope so. I’m very ________ of the main actor.


8. Michael Dobson: I’m very ________, ladies you know who I am. Now can you stop talking so that we can get on with the play?


9. Alice: Me too. Just listen to the ________ of his voice now.


10. Alice: He was really good in that. Oh look, he’s suddenly stopped and started ________ .


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