General Elementary English Test 147

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. They lived in a des res (very attractive house) and her father, John Fortune, who was really a bit of a fat cat (wealthy businessman) thought that all this animal ________ was a lot of hocus pocus (nonsense).


2. Cathy and her father had several pow wows (conversations) about her decision but it usually ________ up with a lot of argy bargy (arguments).


3. He had been in his hey day (at his most successful time) an important ________ in a government department for agriculture.


4. She soon got to know one of the local big wigs (important people) in a local organisation ________ at stopping cruelty to animals.


5. Her parents however were not at all pleased ________ where she had decided to work.


6. In fact because he had refused to kow tow to (accept without question) some of the official regulations, he had been forced to take ________ retirement.


7. But as far ________ Cathy was concerned, he was the bee’s knees (someone to admire) and when she left school, she went to work as his assistant in the Society for the Protection of Animals.


8. She used to hob nob (socialise) with people who ________ the same way as she did.


9. From a very early age Cathy had been passionate ________ animals.


10. These people were not at all fuddy duddy (uninteresting) or indeed hoity toity (supercilious) and their main interest in life was to ________ that all animals were well treated.


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