General Elementary English Test 146

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Then you start to eat your meal and discover that the knives and forks are made of plastic and snap under ________ .


2. He tries to give you the ________ that you’re out in your car watching the countryside roll by.


3. As you’ve probably ________ I’m not really keen on flying.


4. Landing is also a rather ________ experience, too.


5. Mind you, once you’ve landed and you’re saying goodbye to the smiling hostess, it’s great to know you’ve ________ .


6. Come to think of it the bit between leaving the ground and coming down again can also ________ on the nerves.


7. They ask you if you want to buy things you don’t in all ________ want.


8. The captain, whose voice is so ________ you feel as if you’re sitting at home watching television, starts chatting to you.


9. Of course during the flight the airline staff try to keep your mind ________ .


10. The worst thing about flying is when you take ________ .


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