General Elementary English Test 133

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Look! The attic window is broken, the ________ has probably come inside this way.


2. The ________ stopped the car, pointed a gun at the driver and took all his money and documents.


3. The ship was attacked by ________ near a deserted island.


4. The ________ attacked the owner of the house and disappeared with the expensive painting.


5. I think that woman is a ________ . I saw her put a souvenir in her bag without paying it.


6. A ________ had broken the back door and stolen my golden necklace.


7. Two masked ________ went out of the black car, rushed into the bank pointing their guns and carried away more than 50 000 dollars.


8. Michael was attacked by ________ in the dark street and they took his wallet.


9. A ________ took Judith’s suitcase while she was sleeping in the train.


10. There is a ________ in this office. Small things from my desk disappear very often.


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