General Elementary English Test 131

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Another way of putting this is how many red ________ the author can throw in the reader’s path.


2. One of the best known detectives is Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot who uses what he calls his little grey ________ his brains.


3. Invariably Poirots calls all the ________ together in the last part of the story.


4. The thing that always surprises me is the fact that the murderer bothers to take ________ in the final meeting.


5. One by one he ________ the innocent until finally the murderer is unmasked.


6. As the plot ________ you find yourself agreeing with one character’s solution and then another’s.


7. The idea is to keep the readers in a permanent state of ________ so that they never know what’s going to happen next.


8. The detective story is sometimes called ‘whodunit’because the reader has to work ________ who did it, who committed the crime.


9. As a result you feel as if you are walking in a ________ since at each turning you come to a block end.


10. The skill of course of the writing is how many times a reader can be sent up ________ alleys.


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