General Elementary English Test 112

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. In addition to an organisation’s vision and ability to set goals it is also ________ that every team member feels part of a unit.


2. How long do you think it will take ________ we’ll be in a position to implement the changes to our distribution system?


3. Because of their expertise the two young engineers have been ________ the opportunity to join our staff.


4. I strongly recommend you make a checklist of points to consider ________ deciding which method of payment to accept.


5. It goes without ________ that there are more goals that can be achieved with your business than simply generating revenue.


6. A company’s success will largely depend ________ how far ahead into the future it can forecast.


7. One of the indicators of success in any business is how ________ types of communication channels they use.


8. An effective customer support system should be ________ as the nerve centre of all company communciation.


9. Yesterday the project manager suddenly announced that the launch of the new promotion campaign had been ________ because of software problems.


10. Especially large corporations ________ on an international scale create and pursue a human resources policy covering many different aspects.


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