General Elementary English Test 104

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Mike: That can ________ walking very difficult.


2. Mike: Haven’t seen you for ________ .


3. Linda: No, I’ve been ________ a lot of pain the last few months.


4. Mike: I’m sorry to hear that. Tell me ________ it.


5. Mike: I know what that’s ________ .


6. Mike: Suddenly I’m ________ much better. I won’t see the doctor today. Good bye.


7. Linda: Then ________ the pain in my back.


8. Linda: It’s awful really. At the ________ it’s in my knee.


9. Linda: But you can’t go ________ I haven’t described my other pains.


10. Linda: Of ________ I mustn’t forget the pains in my feet.


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