General Elementary English Test 102

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. Ladies and gentlemen it is a very great privilege for me to be asked to make a speech about the bride and her ________ .


2. Neither of them was at all ________ by this sort of behaviour as they just grew fonder of each other.


3. The other students described them as Romeo and Juliet and used to make fun of them behind their ________ .


4. Then they both left school and both started working, as you can ________ for the same company.


5. When the announcement was made about their ________ there was a big celebration.


6. I have known Sally and Paul since we were at school ________ .


7. Most people considered that they were ________ for each other even in those days.


8. The teachers had a ________ spot for them too and were sympathetic if there was any trouble between them.


9. No one was surprised because everyone took it for ________ that one day they would marry.


10. Mind you I was surprised because you see I find it quite ________ why on earth she didn’t marry me.


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