General Elementary English Test 101

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. After the car accident, Bob had to ________ his endurance during his rehabilitation classes.


2. His speech was articulate and I asked him to ________ his ideas.


3. Our nanny has always been ________ to us.


4. If my back starts, ________ I can’t go anywhere with you next week.


5. My uncle has a long beard and a ________ chest.


6. She was hoping the terrible argument would ________ before the wedding.


7. I ________ with the book quickly.


8. Due to his age, everyone thinks he should find a suitable mate and settle ________ .


9. The movie was very shocking because it is ________ a true story that took place in our state.


10. Her mother ________ when she was just a little girl.


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