General Awareness Test 90

General Awareness – September 2002 – Test -07

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1. Which of the following gases is mixed with oxygen for breathing by divers in aqualungs ?


2. 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1985 deals with


3. If
1. Dandi March
2. Tragedy of Jallianwallah
3. Quit India Movement and
4. Swadeshi Movement
are arranged in the chronological order then they come as


4. In which country the Head of the state gets his office by the law of hereditary succession ?


5. Which country offered its good office to resolve Indo-Pak conflict peace fully, in the year 1966 ?


6. Hardest allotrope of carbon is


7. “From each according to his capacity, to each according to his needs” ds the principle of


8. Among the following, which is always found in free-state in nature ?


9. What particles move aro*#nd the nucleus of an atom and are negatively charged ?


10. ‘Cabinet system’ and ‘Collective responsibility’ are the contributions of


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