General Awareness Test 89

General Knowledge – General Awareness – 2010

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1. Darfur is a war affected area located in which of the following countries?


2. What is India’s rank in 2010 Environment Protection act ?


3. Who among the following is the highest-paid footballer in the world?


4. Which among the following states in India has the highest number of families living below the poverty line (BPL)?


5. Which of the following Indian Celebrities has become Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme in March 2010?


6. Which of the following provinces / autonomous regions of China has witnessed Ethnic tensions recently?


7. Which among the following are the states to be covered in the Indian Railways proposed South South Corridor for which Railways is to undertake an engineering-cum-traffic survey soon?


8. Which of the following company has recently bought Code 10, the Hair style brand of Colgate Palmolive Ltd to foray into the Malaysian market ?


9. Which among the following is/ are correct statement’s) regarding India’s new Chief Justice SH Kapadia?


10. In which state is located the Dholera SIR Regional Development Authority (DSRDA)which is first concrete step in turning an Special Investment Region (SIR) into reality that will have an investment of Rs.1 lakh crore (Rs.1 trillion/$21.7 billion) as the state government issuing a notification for the setting up of the region ?


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