General Awareness Test 81

General Knowledge – General Awareness – 2010

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1. Where is located India’s first petroleum, chemical and petrochemical investment region (PCPIR)?


2. Aretha Louise Franklin, who is most commonly known as “The Queen of Soul” and who won 18 Grammy awards became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Recently she was in the news as she has been inducted into the hall of fame at New York’s Apollo Theatre along with Michael Jackson. She is an eminent singer belonging to ______?


3. Which of the following team was defeated by Australia recently to win the 2010 Hockey World Cup ?


4. In which of the following countries is located famous White Horse temple, which was recently in news?


5. Recently we read in the newspapers that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was on a tour of Cyprus to inject new momentum into waning peace talks to reunify the divided the island country which is under two powers divided by a UN maintained buffer zone. Which are the two powers ?


6. With which of the following the NATGRID is related to which was recently in News?


7. Which of the following submarine will be leased to the Indian Navy in 2010 as INS Chakra as the final lease deal was inked recently during visit of Russian PM Vladimir Putin?


8. In which state is coming up India’s First Homeopathic University?


9. Recently South North Water Diversion Project (SNWD) was in news which was related to diverting the water of rivers from south China to North China where there is a low annual rainfall. This project has now been delayed for 5 years. The main thrust of this project was to move the direction of the water of which of the following rivers of China ?


10. Recently which of the following territories has been in India’s concern as the security agencies of India report of Laskhkar setting up a base there?


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