General Awareness Test 77

General Awareness – July 2002 – Test -01

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1. Ms. Mayawati, who was recently in news, is from which of the following political parties ?


2. As per the ruling given by the Supreme Court of India, the candidates for the Lok Sabha & Assembly elections will be required to disclose their
(A) Educational qualifications
(B) Assets
(C) Antecedents


3. India recently signed an extradition treaty with which of the following European countries after a six-year long negotiations?


4. The XVII Commonwealth Games will be organised in July-August 2002 in …….


5. A joint session of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha was summoned to discuss which of the following recently?


6. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about President Pervez Musharraf who won the referendum in Pakistan ?
(A) He got about 60% votes.
(B) He will remain as President for next three years.
(C) About 40-50% of the eligible 70 million voters participated in the referendum.


7. ‘East Timor’ which became a new independent nation was earlier a part of


8. The 55th Cannes International Film Festival dubbed which of the following Indian Cine Stars as “Prince of Bollywood” ?


9. Dollar’s Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita is highest in –


10. In a bid to fight terrorism, which of the following two countries signed a historic disarmament pact recently 7


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