General Awareness Test 72

General Knowledge – General Awareness

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1. Three bells toll at intervals of 9, 12 & 15 minutes respectively? All three begin to toll at 8 am. At what time will they first toll together again?


2. ‘A’ & ‘B’ are two fixed points in a field. A cyclist ‘C’ moves such that


3. National Youth Day is observed on


4. Which of the following organisations has its headquarters in Rome?


5. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute Located?


6. Which among the following countries was the earliest to give women the right to vote?


7. The author of the book ‘My Experiments With Truth’ is


8. Which day is the International Human Rights Day?


9. Total time taken by a person in going to a place by walking and returning on cycle is 5 hours 45 minutes. He would have gained 2 hours by cycling both ways. The time taken by him to walk both ways is


10. English is the official language of which one of the following Indian States?


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