General Awareness Test 62

Bank Probationary Officers Examination
September 2002 Solved Question Papers
Conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Mumbai

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1. Which of the following is true about the over flight of Pakistani aeroplanes in the skies of India ?
(A) Over flight of Pakistani aircrafts is totally banned.
(B) Only those aircrafts who do not belong to Pakistan but have taken off from there are allowed to cross Indian sky.
(C) There is no such ban these days.


2. Which of the following is true about the dissolution of the parliament of Nepal ?
(A) The King of Nepal dissolved the Pratinidhi Sabha (the Lower House) only
(B) The Pratinidhi Sabha got dissolved almost 4 years ahead of its scheduled term.
(C) Nepali Congress and Cabinet of Nepal Government were not in favour of dissolution.


3. In the election of the President of India the members of which of the following cast their votes ?


4. The Government of India has set a goal to provide safe drinking water to all in rural areas by the year


5. Which of the following is the target fixed for raising through disinvestments of various PSUs ?


6. Which one of the following is true about the Patents Bill passed recently by the Parliament ?
(A) The bill was passed in the joint session of the Parliament.
(B) The Government will have a power to enforce licencing of patents if they are misused by multinationals.
(C) The bill will help in easy availability of drugs at affordable prices.


7. Which of the following companies/ groups has now 26% stake in Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd. (IPCL) ?


8. Mr. Donald Rumsfeld who was on a visit to India recently is the


9. Mr. Abdul Sattar who was in news recently is the


10. Who amongst the following is the President of the National Conference at present ?


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