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General Awareness Test 60

Bank Probationary Officers Examination
September 2002 Solved Question Papers
Conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Mumbai

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1. Who amongst the following is the director of the film ‘The Legend of Bhagat Sirigh, ?


2. ‘Helpage India’, which is getting a grant of about $79,000 from Japan, is an NGO working for the


3. Which of the following statements is true about the USAs role in Iraq7-Kuwait prolem .
(A) The USA has deployed a special delegation to convince Gulf countries that Saddam Hussein should be thrown out of power.
(B) The USA has a range of war planes and weapons positioned in Kuwait to protect Kuwait from any possible attack from Iraq.
(C) There is total change in the USA!s policy in this regard as it is now supporting Iraq’s viewpoint.
(D) Kuwait does not want U.S. intervention any more to normalise its relations with Iraq.


4. The Government of India has set up a new Insurance Corporation to provide insurance cover solely to


5. People are advised to consume/take Nviiich of the following tablets /injection to protect themselves from nuclear radiation iri the event 1)f nuclear war ?


6. Which of the following awards was conferred upon famous medical scientist Iiidira Nath recently ?


7. Which of the following SAARC countries is facing a severe problem of Maoist ?


8. Who amongst the following leaders is/was the founder of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) which completed its three years in June 2002 ?


9. Which of the following statements about Agri-Export Zones is correct ?
(A) The Government has set up 10 new Zones to promote exports of agri products.
(B) Five new Zones are created to promote only farm products.
(C) Now the number of Agri-Export Zones has become 20.


10. The Government of India has reduced the, customs duty on agricultural machines from 25 percent to


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