General Awareness Test 42

J & K Combined Services- Competent (Prelims) Exam
September 2002 Solved Question Papers

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1. Who among the, following is the current World junior Chess Champion ?


2. MVS-1000 is the name given to


3. Who among the following is the first Indian 1o be elected as Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg ?


4. Who antong the following won the Women’s 100 metre final in the World Track and Field Championships held in Edmonton in August 2001 ?


5. Who among the following has been conferred the Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence for Lifetime Excellence in August 2001 ?


6. 53rd Session of the UN Subcommission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights was held during August 2001 at


7. Establishments of which of the following was adorned with new flags and ensigns with effect from August 15, 2001 ?


8. UN World Conference on Racism was held during August-September 2001 at


9. Where are most of the earth’s active volcanoes concentrated ?


10. Who among. the following won the Gold Medals for 200 in, 400 in and 800 in at the World Swimming Championships held in July 2001 in Fukuoka (Japan) ?


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