General Awareness Test 26

General Knowledge – General Awareness

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1. Mr. Matti Vanhanen whose name waw in the news recently is the –


2. Which of the following states has become the first in India where HIV/AIDS Testing is mandatory before marriatge?


3. ‘Town’ is related to village in the same way as Urban is related to –


4. Who amongst the following has alunched a new venture named ‘’?


5. Which organization was set up in November 1966 following the recommendation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East to foster economic growth and co-operation in the region of Asia and the Far East?


6. The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry in his announcement of Foreign Trade Policy for 2006-07 set a target to take the foreign trade to the level of US $ –


7. Mr. N. Gopalaswami is the new –


8. Sigma is a term of –


9. Which of the following yields the largest revenue in the Central Budget?


10. The Liberhan Commission was set up to give its report on which of the following issues?


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