General Awareness Test 20

General Knowledge – General Awareness – 2010

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1. Which of the following East African country has been selected as global host of World Environment Day on 5 June 2010?


2. Which of the following country is currently generating the maximum e-waste in India?


3. Which of the following European country’s upper house passed the Equality Bill which empowers the government to include “caste” within the definition of “race”?


4. Which among the following is world’s second largest economy as this country retains this title after the latest data’s were released recently?


5. Which of the following circles attracted maximum bid in the latest 3G auction in India?


6. Who among the following distance runners of USA has recently become the first non-African to break the 27-minute barrier in the 10,000 meters?


7. As per the macroeconomic and Monetary Development Report by RBI what is the latest growth rate for 2010-11 in Agriculture?


8. Which among the following is the largest university of the world?


9. On which of the following dates in March is observed as United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace?


10. Who among the following is the author of novel “Tokyo Cancelled”?


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