ESL EFL Test 609

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1. If you look out for number one, you take care of yourself and your interests, rather than those of other people.


2. If you make bets in a burning house, you are sure to win.


3. If you lose interest in something you liked when younger, you grow out of it.


4. If you massage someone who has been doing exercise, you rub up against them.


5. If you meet someone and hit it off, you like them from the time you meet.


6. If you mark someone down as something, you must have a very low opinion of them.


7. If you meet someone after a long time and discuss what has happened to both of you, you catch up with them.


8. If you mark something off, you put a tick, cross or other signal to show that it has been done.


9. If you lower your sights, you make peace with someone.


10. If you make a trade-off, you make a compromise to reach an agreement.


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