ESL EFL Test 373

Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles for English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a foreign language (EFL), Teaching EFL (TEFL), Test of EFL (TOEFL), English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), Teaching ESOL (TESOL), TOEIC.

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1. She’s gone outside ________ a cigarette.


2. We left early ________ we wouldn’t be late.


3. We took the train ________ we could work on the way.


4. You need a licence ________ drive.


5. Take some sandwiches ________ eat on the way.


6. Are you going to fly or go by train?


7. They’re going to Spain ________ a holiday.


8. Are you doing anything tonight?


9. He’ll be there at nine o’clock


10. What do I need to get ________dinner?


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