ESL EFL Test 156

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1. If you have it out with someone, you entertain them in your home.


2. If you have some cheese in the house, you haven’t run out.


3. If you haven’t slept for a couple of days, you need to catch up on your sleep.


4. If you have someone down as a conservative, you think that is what they believe.


5. If you have something against someone, you don’t believe them.


6. If you have friends round, you tell them exactly what you think of them.


7. If you have it away with someone, you have a particular opinion about what they believe or think.


8. If you have it in for someone, you have a grudge against them.


9. If you have problems with a phone, you call the


10. If you have the builders in your home, they are doing work there.


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