Driving Theory Test 1

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. You wish to make a right turn ahead. Why should you take up the correct position in good time?


2. What is the shortest stopping distance at 70 mph


3. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles:


4. Before starting a journey in freezing weather you should clear ice and snow from your vehicle’s


5. You should plan ahead when you park your vehicle so that:


6. You are intending to turn right at a crossroads. An oncoming driver is also turning right. It will normally be safer to


7. A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle. What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system?


8. You are on a wet motorway with surface spray. You should use


9. What are one main reasons whu coasting downhill is wrong?


10. You are approaching this cyclist. You should


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