Driving Theory Test 6

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. Your overall stopping distance will be much longer when:


2. To correct a rear-wheel skid you should


3. You are in a collision on a two-way road. You have a warning triangle with you. At what distance before the obstruction should you place the warning triangle?


4. You are away from home and have to park your vehicle overnight. Where should you leave it?


5. When travelling at 60mph on a dry road the shortest overall stopping distance is what?


6. You are waiting to turn right at the end of a road. Your view is obstructed by parked vehicles. What should you do?


7. You are driving in heavy rain. Your steering suddenly becomes very light. What should you do?


8. You see a vehicle coming towards you on a single-track road. You should


9. Immediately after joining a motorway you should:


10. Driving at 70 mph uses more fuel than driving at 50 mph by up to


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