Driving Theory Test 49

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. If your motorcycle starts to wander back and forth while riding over metal bridge gratings you should:


2. Which of these vehicles must always stop before crossing railroad tracks?


3. You are waiting to emerge left from a minor road. A large vehicle is approaching from the right. You have time to turn, but you should wait. Why?


4. A police officer asks to see your driving documents. You don’t have them with you. You must produce them at a police station within?


5. What is the nearest you can park your vehicle to a junction?


6. To execute a turn safely a motorcycle rider should always:


7. It is a very windy day and you are about to overtake a cyclist. What should you do?


8. The main purpose of a box junction is


9. When travelling on ice braking distances can be


10. A provisional license holder must not drive a motor car


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