Driving Theory Test 46

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. You are following a car driven by an elderly driver. You should


2. Roadways are the most slippery:


3. While driving, you see this sign ahead. You should


4. You are driving on a clear night. There is a steady stream of oncoming trafiic. The national speed limit applies. Which lights should you use?


5. You are driving at 70 mph on a three-lane motorway. There is no traffic ahead. Which lane should you use?


6. You are driving past parked cars. You notice a bicycle wheel sticking out between them. What should you do?


7. When travelling in very heavy rain your overall stopping distance is likely to be


8. Which of the following are likely effects of drinking alcohol?


9. You are approaching a bend at speed. You should begin to brake


10. You notice a bus signalling to move off from a bus stop ahead. You should


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