Driving Theory Test 12

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. You ar driving along a motorway and become tired. You should


2. When should you especially check the engine oil level?


3. You are driving on a wet road. You have to do an emergency stop. What should you do


4. You are waiting in a traffic queue at night. To avoid dazzling following drivers you should


5. You are driving in fog, which of the following should you do.


6. You are approaching a crossroads. The traffic lights have failed. What should you do?


7. You are planning a long journey. Do you need to plan rest stops?


8. You are in a one-way street and want to turn right. You should position yourself


9. You may not park your vehicle:


10. Which of the following statements is true when you are performing a pre-trip inspection on your brakes and suspension system?


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