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1. -, on December 8, 2009, announced to deposit with the Reserve Bank of India the donations made by devotees in the form of gold and silver.


2. The (Incredible India) Bed and Breakfast Establishments Registration and Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2009, was introduced in the – Assembly on December 14, 2009.


3. Orissa’s veteran vocalist and composer Pandit Raghunath Panigrahi was, on December 9, 2009, announced to receive the – Samman for the year 2009.


4. – Phosphates Ltd. in December 2009, won the Fertiliser Association of India Award for the Best Overall Performance of an operating fertilizer until for phosphoric acid.


5. In which of the following High Courts was an e-court inaugurated on December 15, 2009?


6. The – State Cabinet, on December 16, 2009, approved a scheme for the treatment and rehabilitation of people afflicted by the use of Endosulfan in cashew plantations.


7. A MoU was, on December 10. 2009, signed between – and the Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games, making the former official partner of 2010 Games.


8. To promote cycling as a pollution-free and healthy mode of transport, school and college students took out a bicycle rally in – on December 13, 2009.


9. A commemorative stamp on 19th century poet and educationist – was released in Kolkata in December 2009.


10. Which State Government, in December 2009, formulated an e-marketing scheme for farmers to provide regular information on the prices of their produce in various mandis?


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