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General Knowledge – Current Affairs

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1. Who amongst the following is the author of the book “No Full Stops in India”?


2. The Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission approved by the Union Cabinet in November 2009 aims to add 20,000 MW of power by the year


3. Which of the following Articles empowers the High Court to issue writs for the enforcement of fundamental Rights?


4. As per the State of the Forest Report (SFR) 2009 aims to add 20,000 MW of power by the year


5. Which country, on December 23, 2009, agreed to help India build a manned spaceship and send an Indian astronaut to space under a 10-year cooperation programme?


6. Which one of the following diseases is caused due to presence of excess arsenic in water?


7. Who among the following is the author of the book “My Music, My Love”?


8. The annual use of global water resources for agriculture, according to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is


9. When did the largest cruise liner “Oasis of the Sea” start its maiden voyage?


10. According to a report released by the UN in October 2009, how many people worldwide go hungry?


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Tips to get ready for Long Drive

Pack an additional carry on bag

This could include some books, electronic entertainment (handheld games, mp3 players, laptops, DVDs if the car has a DVD player, etc.), non-perishable snacks (such as granola bars and cookies), and drinks if you have a cooler. Remember that if you bring carbonated drinks, they may go flat.