Current Affairs 35

General Knowledge – Current Affairs

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1. Which of the following is not the recommendation made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources?


2. U Thant Award is given for


3. Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?


4. Which among the following is the most common element in the earth’s crust?


5. Which of the following Parliamentary Standing Committees has recently recommended 33% reservation to women in legislatures?


6. The abbreviation GBI recently came into news. It stands for-


7. Which of the following prizes is given by the UNESCO?


8. P. D. Dinakaran who hogged the headlines in newspapers and against whom the Rajya Sabha recently admitted motion seeking his removal is the Chief Justice of


9. Which organisation collects data for the unorganised sector?


10. Which of the following is the latest Tank?


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