Current Affairs 25

General Knowledge – Current Affairs

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1. What is the full form of NFSM, an initiative of the National Development Council of India?


2. “Azlan Shah Cup” is associated with the game of


3. As per the news in major newspapers Iran has agreed to welcome talks with world powers after a deadlock of several months. Which of the following is the major issue over which Iran has a difference with the most of the world powers? Its


4. Financial year in Banks is a period between


5. After a long cold war of several decades Taiwan recently signed an agreement to expand air links and accept main land investment with which of the following countries in its neighbourhood?


6. The Reserve Bank of India does not print currency notes of the denomination of Rs.-


7. As per the news in all major newspapers, the African National Congress (ANC) got an overwhelming victory in the general elections held recently in


8. ‘Vishwast’ is –


9. World famous tennis star Rafael Nadal is from which of the following counties?


10. Which of the following is considered as the financial capital of India?


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