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1. L.K. Advani, on -, 2009, became chairman of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s parliamentary wing, signalling his exit as the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sahba.


2. India’s first commercial 2MW solar power plant was inaugurated at – near Amritsar on December 15, 2009.


3. Which Indian state government, on December 11, 2009, announced a Rs. 60-crore package for the rehabilitation of 11, 092 families of internally displaced persons (IDPs)?


4. The Ranganath Misra Commission, in December 2009, recommended – per cent reservation for Muslims and five per cent for other minorities in government jobs.


5. The Rajya Sabha, on December 17, 2009, approved re-naming the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act as the – National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.


6. -, the ship-based anti-surface missile, was successfully launched from INS Subhadra, in the Bay of Bengal, off Orissa, on December 13, 2009.


7. Who among the following was/were selected for the 12th South Indian Education Society Awards in December 2009?


8. – was appointed the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, succeeding Rajnath Singh, on December 19, 2009.


9. President Pratibha Patil, on -, 2009, conferred the honorary rank of General of the Indian Army on General Chhatra Man Singh Gurung, Chief of Nepal Army.


10. Which of the following bill(s) was/were passed by the Lok Sabha on December 16, 2009?


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