Current Affairs 20

General Knowledge – Current Affairs

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1. Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the multipurpose projet of


2. Who among the following is a poet, dramatist and also an essay writer?


3. “Nadi Ke Dweep” is the creation of


4. In the worst fire in Russian history, more than 100 people were killed and still more wounded in a nightclub in the Ural city of Perm on -. 2009.


5. India has signed a landamrk deal for sale of Dhruv Advance Light Helicopters (ALHs) with


6. “Operation Black Board” refers to providing schools with


7. On which recent date did the Nepali government hold a Cabinet meeting at Kalapatthar in the Everest region, endorsing a declaration on climate issues?


8. Which of the following is associated with the economic liberalization in India?


9. Which of the following department of Indian Government takes care of education of children with physical disabilities?


10. NATO Secretary-General – of Denmark, on December 4, 2009, declared that at least 25 nations would provide the additional forces in Afghanistan in 2010.


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