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1. India recently agreed to fund a quarter of Rs. 14,800 crore which is amount of Tenth Plan outlay of-


2. At Kudankulam, Russia proposes to build a total of-


3. Gangubai Hangal who died in 2009 was a-


4. Recently India signed an agreement for collaboration on road sector with-


5. ULFA Chief Arabind Rajkhowa was arrested in December 2009 in-


6. The ship-based anti-surface missile successfully launched recently is-


7. Bhutan is producing about 1,500 Megawatt from its existing power projects. What per cent of this production of power does it sell to India?


8. In July 2009 which of the following cities came into news for hooch tragedy causing the deaths of 130 people?


9. The lone aircraft career of India is-


10. Which of the following is not among the eight India Origin CEOs at Big U.S. Companies in recently released Forbes’ report?


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Grapes Making Raisins

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