Coding Decoding Letter Coding 4

Verbal Reasoning – Coding-Decoding – Letter Coding

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1. If PEOPLE is coded as PLPOEE, how is TREND coded ?


2. In a certain language, CHAMPION is coded as HCMAIPNO, how is NEGATIVE coded in that code ?


3. If CERTAIN is coded as XVIGZRM, how can MUNDANE be coded ?


4. If TABLE is coded as GZYOV, how is JUICE coded ?


5. If BELIEF is written as afkkdi, how is SELDOM written in that code ?


6. If POND is coded as RSTL, how is HEAR written in that code ?


7. In a certain t6de, INSTITUTION is written as NOITUTITSNI. How is PERFECTION written in that code ?


8. If DELHI is coded as CCIDD, how would you encode BOMBAY ?


9. According to a military code, SYSTEM is SYSMET and NEARER is AENRER. Wbat is the code for FRACTION ?


10. In a code language, DISTANCE is written as IDTUBECN and DOCUMENT is written as ODDVNTNE. How is THURSDAY written in that language ?


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