Coding Decoding Letter Coding 2

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1. In a certain code, GIGANTIC is written as GIGTANCL How is MIRACLES wntten in that code ?


2. In a certain code, PAPER is written as SCTGW. How is MOTHER written in that code ?


3. In a certain code, MUNICIPALITY is written as INMUAPCrYTLI. How is JUDICIAL written in that code ?


4. If DIAMOND is coded as VQYMKLV, how is FEMALE coded ?


5. Which of the following words would correctly decode the word ZHOFRPH if the simple alphabet shifting code is used ?


6. In a certain code, EXPLAINING is written as PXEALNIGNI. How is PRODUCED written in that code ?


7. In a certain code ADVENTURES is written as TDRESAUVEN. How is SURPRISING written in that code ?


8. In a certain code, SUBSTITUTION is written as ITSBUSNOITUT. How is DISTRI-BUTTON written in that code ?


9. If CIGARETTE is coded as GICERAETT, then DIRECTION will be coded as


10. If CONTRIBUTE is written as ETBUIRNTOC, which letter will be in the sixth place when counted from the left if POPULARISE is written in that code ?


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