Coding Decoding Letter Coding 2

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1. If DIAMOND is coded as VQYMKLV, how is FEMALE coded ?


2. In a certain code, GIGANTIC is written as GIGTANCL How is MIRACLES wntten in that code ?


3. If CIGARETTE is coded as GICERAETT, then DIRECTION will be coded as


4. In a certain code ADVENTURES is written as TDRESAUVEN. How is SURPRISING written in that code ?


5. Which of the following words would correctly decode the word ZHOFRPH if the simple alphabet shifting code is used ?


6. In a certain code, EXPLAINING is written as PXEALNIGNI. How is PRODUCED written in that code ?


7. In a certain code, SUBSTITUTION is written as ITSBUSNOITUT. How is DISTRI-BUTTON written in that code ?


8. In a certain code, PAPER is written as SCTGW. How is MOTHER written in that code ?


9. In a certain code, MUNICIPALITY is written as INMUAPCrYTLI. How is JUDICIAL written in that code ?


10. If CONTRIBUTE is written as ETBUIRNTOC, which letter will be in the sixth place when counted from the left if POPULARISE is written in that code ?


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