Antonym Test 14

Antonym – Vocabulary Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

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1. ductile


2. impromptu


3. countenance


4. philistine


5. valor


6. abridge


7. imaginative


8. garner


9. docile


10. impartial


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Xmas Games

What If Then Game

Everyone gets in a circle and is given two pieces of paper and a pen. On the first paper each guest writes down any What If question. Collect all of those papers into a bowl.Next, pass out the What If questions and have each guest write the Then answer to that specific question onto their second piece of paper. Have each guest put their What If question into one bowl and the Then answer into a second bowl.

Now its time to read them Mad Lib style. Have each guest take 1 paper from the What If bowl and 1 paper from the Then bowl. Take turns going around in a circle and reading the two papers back to back What If Then Its hysterical and a great crowd pleasure.